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Our Herd

At New Heights, all of our horses are leased to us.

Each member of our herd has it's own unique personality and quirks that make them special to New Heights Therapy and to our riders. 

We are so thankful for the generous owners who have provided their companions for our riders’ therapy!



14 years old

Joined NH in 2020

Breed: Bay Warmblood

Cappy stands tall at 17 HH, being our 2nd tallest horse, tied with Elmeaux.

Cappy is a very sweet boy! He loves to run around his pasture, tossing his head all around. He gets extremely excited when he knows dinner is on the way!

Owner: Jay Addison



20 years old

Joined NH in 2021

Breed: Quarter Horse


KC is the tallest member of our herd , standing at a whopping 17.1 HH!



26 years old

Joined NH in 2022

Breed: Bay & White Paint

Natchez is one of our oldest herd members and stands at 14.1 HH. Fun fact, is hair pattern creates a crown on his side!



19 years old 

Joined NH in 2020

Breed: Gray Argentina Quarter Horse

Malibu is a retired polo pony from Summergrove Farms and stands at 15 HH. She is a little timid at first but she comes around very quickly with treats! She certainly has won the hearts of our boys! 


Owner: David Fennelly



17 years old

Joined NH in 2019

Breed: Gray Quarter Horse

Smokey stands 15.1 HH. 

Smokey is our official greeter at New Heights! Whenever you pull up, he will always be waiting at the side of his pasture to see you! He loves our riders and is always more patient with them than anyone else.


Owner: Kim Caldarera



27 years old

Joined NH in 2014

Breed: Palomino Quarter Horse

Sunny is our oldest herd member and has been with us the longest! He stands at 15.3 HH. 

Sunny is one of our riders favorite horses! He is a friend to everyone. He is also the only horse at New Heights who does not like peppermints.

Owner: Nona Chiasson



15 years old 

Joined NH in 2021

Breed: Bay Appendix Horse

Elmeaux joins Cappy and KC in the 17 HH club, being the 2nd tallest horse in our herd!



11 years old

Joined NH in 2022

Breed: Bay Quarter Horse

Pete stands at 15 HH and is the youngest member of our herd. 



16 years old

Joined NH in 2023

Breed: Bay Argentine Polo Pony

Velma is the newest member of our herd and stands at a beautiful 15 HH.


Want to see more of our horses?

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