Horse Master Program

Our horse master program is a work-training program, which allows volunteers ages 14 and up to earn riding lesson time through their volunteer work.  The program focuses on teaching good horsemanship, building teamwork, and communication skills.  Horse Masters accumulate volunteer hours which go towards their riding lessons which are taught by one of our certified PATH International riding instructors or instructors in training.

Horse master participants are required to volunteer a total of 6 hours a week in exchange for a lesson time each week.  Time can be divided between walking in lessons, and horse and barn care.  We have 15 horses on site, and horse masters have some flexibility regarding which horses they are able to ride.  This is a great program for anyone who wants to learn how to ride and work with a range of different horses.  For more information on this program please contact us through our online form or call our barn office (985) 796-3677.